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Whores of the Court: If you can’t get the Mother on “Parental Alienation” then get Grandma on “Grandparent Alienation”

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When will the madness stop!  When will these claims of “parental alienation” stop!  They run rampant here in Indiana also…our Governor Daniels also falling for the scam of so-called “parental alienation.”  This story is from an ongoing history with a Whore of the Court in California that specializes using “parental alienation” to remove children from mothers and give to abusive and/or neglectful fathers, or fathers who just want to get out of paying child support.

Listen to WIBC-93.1 FM, Freedom 95.9 FM, or The Fan 1070 AM, and an hour doesn’t go by without the “domestic law firm” of Cordell and Cordell advertising “to protect men’s interests” in divorce.  They don’t have to work hard here in Indiana.  Many children have been ripped unwillingly from their mothers here, and it is just getting worse.  The Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications recently warned they are tired of the corruption in family courts in Indiana, BUT THEY DON”T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

UPDATE: Janelle Burrill or her agents have been lurking here, but you will find the story in the title elsewhere on the internet, just google it.

Sacramento, California arrived on an unknown landing page.
18:27:45 — 2 hours 24 mins ago
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  1. Victims of Janelle Burrill – NEW CALL FOR ACTION!!

    The corrupt fraud Janelle Burrill and her husband attorney O’donnell may attempt to influence the BBS board members to be lenient on her and give her a probation or temporary suspension instead of a permanent revocation of LCSW #16216. The evidence and findings of abuse, misconduct and fraud uncovered by DCA is compelling and sufficient to revoke her license. Civil and criminal investigations and prosecution will follow the BBS actions. We are all waiting in anticipation for JUSTICE!

    Send the Board of Behavioral Sciences your feedback – Your voices need to be heard! Please put your BBS case/complaint numbers in case you have them. Good Luck!

    To : Renee Lonner, Chair, Board of Behavioral Sciences 1625 North Market Blvd, Suite S200, Sacramento, CA 95834. Tel 916-574-7830

    CC : Elise Friostad, Vice Chair, BBS
    CC : Board Members – Di Giorgio, Harry Douglas, Julia Johnson, Victor Perez
    CC : Paul Riches , Executive & Enforcement Analysts on LCS 16216
    CC : Senior Investigator, DCA, Division of Investigation

    Ref : Fraud & Misconduct by Janelle Burrill LCS 16216

    Dear Renee,

    We are victims of the corrupt therapist licensed by your Board. Burrill has been committing fraud & has destroyed many California families and continues to do so while your DOI investigation is ongoing. We trust the DOI investigators and applaud their due diligence. The DCA investigators are doing a great job collecting all the evidence by meeting with us and the victimized children for the last six months and we understand that it is compelling and real proof of fraud and misconduct by Burrill.

    Please look at the DOI findings and take immediate action – protect us. We have been victimized enough. Her criminal conduct should not be tolerated, Pls set an example that you will get rid of fraud from our midst. Give us our Christmas back!

    Victim # 13. BBS Case # …… ; DCA Investigation Case # ……. }

    Expose Burrill

    November 5, 2009 at 5:52 am

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