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I am trying to list some useful links for moms involved in litigation here in Marion County:

Current Marion County Magistrate Assignments, Marion Superior Court

Going Pro Se in Marion Superior Courts (video)

Family Court Information Sheet (required for new filings in Marion County)

Family Court Financial Declaration Form (latest one…08/18/08)

Also, here is a link to help assist with protective orders if needed.  The page with all the updated forms to prepare an application for orders of protection can be found here.  Understand that when protective orders are sought, it is only a piece of paper, they will not stop someone that is out to get you.  And potentially, seeking a protective order when involved in a custody dispute can potentially be used against you.  It is best to seek legal advice when involved in a situation such as this, but make sure you are away from your abuser and safe first!

Visit the Marion County Clerk of Court website for all the forms you need to potentially file.  Included is the civil subpoena form, for bringing witnesses to court for you.  If the filing fee for the case has been paid already (i.e. someone already filed for divorce), you may take a filled out civil subpoena form to the Clerk’s office (City-County Building downtown, Room W122) and file at no cost to you.  They will have them served to your witness, also at no cost. 

For those who have already been screwed by the family courts here, you only have 30 days to file notice of appeal.  If you can’t afford the typically $10,000 the lawyers want around here to just begin the process, here is a helpful link to look into.  Don’t be afraid to appeal…what is horrible is when a bad decision isn’t appealed, you and your children have to live with this decision until he practically kills the children, then maybe you might have a chance to change custody if they survive.

As always, it is best to seek legal advice from a qualified lawyer, but most of us can’t afford this.  Hopefully these links will help assist you in your situation.


Written by mothersoflostchildren

April 30, 2009 at 3:51 pm

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