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He Swore He’d Never Hurt Her

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…then days later Joseph Warnock murdered his wife in front of their daughters.  A protective order is only a tool, but often doesn’t stop violent men.  It has happened over and over again here.  Only when the courts and authorities start taking domestic violence seriously will violent events like this lessen.  Even with protective orders, Angela was told by the judge to take it to family court.  Violent acts by batterers are dismissed by family court judges “in the context of a custody dispute” or divorce and are not taken seriously.  Until this happens, we will continue to see more women lose their lives or continue to be beaten until the family courts arrive to finish the job on her and the children. 

From The Indianapolis Star:

Brownsburg murder suspect swore he’d never hurt his wife

Posted: June 25, 2009

DANVILLE, Ind. — A few days before Joseph L. Warnock was accused of stabbing his wife to death, he swore in a Hendricks County court that he would never harm her or their two daughters.  “I love my wife. I love my kids,” he testified in a hearing June 18 on Angela Warnock’s request for a protective order. “I love my kids more than anything else in the world.”

On Wednesday, Joseph Warnock was back in the Hendricks County Courthouse, charged with murder in the death of his 38-year-old wife late Sunday.  A not-guilty plea was entered for him, and his trial was set for Oct. 6.

Prosecutors say Warnock, 41, broke into the family home in Brownsburg’s Eagle Crossing subdivision despite the court order granted at Angela Warnock’s request.  He found his wife and daughters asleep, and he stabbed the woman repeatedly, investigators said.  The girls, ages 12 and 8, were not physically harmed, and they ran to hide until he left, authorities said.

Three days before her death, Angela Warnock also was in the courtroom, asking for a permanent order prohibiting her husband from contact with the family. A temporary order was issued in May.  The Warnocks told widely different stories in that 80-minute hearing in front of Judge Karen Love.  “I’m not a violent person. I would never do anything that would put them in harm’s way,” Joseph Warnock said.

He said he was concerned that his wife recently had taken $9,000 from their bank accounts and planned to take their daughters to Hawaii, possibly not to return to Indiana.

However, Angela Warnock said she was afraid, calling her husband an alcoholic and a cocaine addict.  She told the judge of verbal abuse, irrational behavior and unexplained disappearances for days at a time.  She testified that the preliminary court order hadn’t stopped her husband from stalking the family with up to 18 phone calls a day, gifts and cards, text messages and flowers.  “The man knows no boundary,” Angela Warnock testified. “He knows no rules.  The (temporary) order that said no phone calls meant nothing to him.”

She testified that the previous three weeks “with him out of the house were the best three weeks my children have had in years.”

“I’ve exhausted myself trying to clean him sober, rehab him sober, be his friend. I’m trying to express what a danger he is,” she testified.  Warnock testified that he was getting counseling for his addictions, and “90 percent of the time in the last 10 years, I’ve been clean.”

In the hearing last week, the judge continued the preliminary order that Warnock should have no contact with his family.  Love also suggested that the couple take their dispute to divorce court. Joseph Warnock filed for divorce the next day.

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  4. If only Angie wouldn’t have told people that she was leaving. Sharing this information got back to her husbands best friend. He told Joe that Angie was leaving. Rest in Peace Angie. So many people will miss you


    July 16, 2009 at 3:59 am

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