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From WTHR:

Rally calls for end to domestic violence

Posted: July 2, 2009 05:22 AM EDT

Updated: July 2, 2009 05:29 PM EDT

Amanda Yang
Amanda Yang
Beth Stayer
Beth Stayer
Angela Warnock
Angela Warnock

Lynsay Clutter/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis – Advocates against domestic abuse say “enough is enough!” after a recent spike in deaths. A rally held Thursday aims to raise awareness and reach out to victims.

“Stop Domestic Abuse!” “Enough is Enough!” Those sentiments were chanted at the rally in Indianapolis at the North United Methodist Church.

Already this year in Marion County, 15 people are dead from domestic abuse. That’s compared to 13 in all of 2008. When the economy goes down, attacks often go up.

“There was already abuse in the home, and then when he loses his job, then all of a sudden, the violence just escalates,” said Loretta Moore, Prevail. “By independence, and by financial independence, women don’t have to go back. So what we’ve done at Prevail is we now have an employment program.”

Resource agencies are trying to get the word out before another person is hurt. In just the last two months alone, three women were killed, allegedly by their husbands or ex-husband.

Amanda Yang, 43, was beaten in her Lawrence home in May. In mid-June, 32-year-old Beth Stayer was beaten outside her condo in Whitestown with a hammer. Almost two weeks ago, 38-year-old Angela Warnock was stabbed to death in her Brownsburg home in front of her children.

All three women had protective orders and were going through divorces. Protective orders are critical for legal recourse, but they are not bullet-proof. Domestic violence advocates say the women did the right thing by trying to get away, but since the separation period is the most dangerous, it’s crucial to have a safety plan.

“I would always recommend that when you get a protective order, you also get counseling. It’s important to know what kind of safety plan to put into effect because often when people get a protective order, the next thing you can expect is an escalation of violence,” said Linda Major, Marion County prosecutor’s office.

The safest action is to go to a shelter or place the abuser would never find the victim. Different agencies can help implement various plans, but the message is the same:

“Saving lives, period.”

A domestic abuse training event for the public will be held at the Brownsburg Police Department July 13th.

For the seventh year, WTHR has been “Shattering the Silence.” For more information on domestic violence , click here.


2 Responses

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  1. I have a friend who is getting taken through the ringer by a GAL because her spouse is a dirty federal employee and an ex-police officer. He already had a dispusion and 4 IE’s only to get away with all. This is Wanye county and Judge Horn knows him well. What can she do? Two lawyers have dropped the case because of fear.

    pat Jacobs

    July 22, 2009 at 2:45 pm

  2. Wow Pat, first of all tell her to put in a motion requesting change of venue. I believe that choice is codified, I have to look back because I know a mom that used it…it is in the rules somewhere in Indiana. If she can’t get it moved or moved fast enough, have her request immediately to have a hearing in front of a jury, she has that right in Indiana and it takes some control out of judge’s hands. The Indiana Appeals Court recently overturned a decision where a Respondent asked for a jury trial in a small civil matter, the judge denied and the appeals court overturned judge’s decision in case because he was denied a trial by jury. Of course have her run these options by an attorney, even if on a free legal help line, but I think these are her best immediate options. She is entitled to both in Indiana.


    July 22, 2009 at 3:27 pm

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