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Some Indiana Counties Now Have Online Protective Orders Pilot Program

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From WTHR:

Victims can request protection orders online

INDIANAPOLIS – A pilot program in eight counties allows domestic violence victims to fill out forms to request protective orders online.

The new Indiana Supreme Court program debuted this month in Elkhart, St. Joseph, Marion, Grant, Madison, Wabash, Tippecanoe and Allen counties. It’s an expansion of the state’s electronic protective order registry that makes new orders available to police statewide within minutes.

The registry is used in all Indiana counties but Jefferson County, where the courthouse was recently heavily damaged by fire.

Once the online forms are completed with the help of a domestic violence advocate, they can be printed and taken to the county clerk for filing.

The improvements were financed by a $135,000 grant from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.

Submit a request

Remember, consider carefully options before requesting a protective order.   Mothers are generally punished by family courts here in Indiana for seeking protection from an abusive spouse. Of course,  protective orders meant nothing to the estranged husbands of Angie Warnock, Beth Stayer, and Amenda Yang, who were all murdered recently.


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