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So-Called Parental Alienation Syndrome Used to Excuse Violent Murderers

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Who can ever forget Stuart Showalter blaming Angie Warnock for her own death, claiming it was so-called “parental alienation syndrome” when she sought protective orders because she feared her violent husband.  Sadly those protective orders didn’t save her.  Angie was stabbed to death on Father’s Day last year in front of their two daughters when Joseph Warnock broke into the home.

Other women who have died brutally at the hands of violent partners or ex-partners were profiled on ABC New’s Nightline last week.  Tiana Notice has a foundation set up to continue to speak out about violence against women.  In Illinois, a law was passed in Cindy Bischoff’s name to require GPS tracking, although it is being fought by Chicago father’s rights lawyer Jeffery Leving, who recently wrote an article excusing men’s behaviors for killing women.  Seems like Jeffery Leving and Stuart Showalter are cut from the same bolt of bullshit cloth.


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