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Indiana CPS: Accessories to Murder

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A major flaw I believe with how Indiana CPS conducts investigations is that the abused children are often interviewed in the presence of the alleged perpetrator.  I have seen it myself.  My own children were quizzed about abuse in the presence of their abuser (their father) after reporting to mandated reporters at school that they had been abused.  Because my children are in a custody dispute, CPS really did not investigate.  They did not know the children were coached what to say to CPS by the abuser and were paid money to entice them into compliance.   Everything was dropped.

As I was looking around for more information on the two dear children who died in Vanderburgh County on Saturday morning in the house fire, Alyssa and Caleb Lynch, I found this in the comments on CBS News:

by evillegirl47715 April 13, 2010 3:25 PM EDT
I am from this area and I know people who work in the two children’s school. The latest hearsay is that there were traces of duck tape found on the bed where the children’s bodies were located. So it is suspected that the SICK BASTARD taped the children to the bed and then set the house on fire.

It is very likely that the flippant attitude by Indiana CPS in disregarding abuse allegations very well lead to the children’s deaths.  Jeff Weisheit, most likely panicked by the allegations, decided to do the children in after being reported by the children’s father and grandfather for abusing them:

  • Alyssa and Caleb Lynch were both recently in Panama City Florida celebrating a birthday almost 2 weeks ago with both my Father Joseph Lynch Jr. and Brother Steven Lynch. Caleb and Alyssa both notified my father and brother that Lisa’s boyfriend (Jeff Wesheit) was hitting them. Both my father and brother contacted CPS in Indiana about the incedent and nothing happened. Now our family has lost two wonderful children to the hand of a wicked man. The same man Lisa Lynch had an affair with while still married to my brother, ending their marriage. Joseph Michael Lynch 3rd

    Apr. 12, 2010 2:17pm EDT | from michaellynch

If Indiana CPS personnel took their jobs seriously, they could have put the children into protective custody until an investigation was done PROPERLY.  No, CPS seems bound determined to take children from good parents and leave them with abusers.  Indiana CPS needs to be held accountable and charged as accessories to murder.

Read the Probable Cause Affidavit here.  It indicates they found traces of duct tape on the children, indicating at least one was bound to the bed before the fire was started.

Also see ATTENTION INDIANA: CPS Lets Two More Children Die, When Will Someone Do Something About Them?


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  1. Why can’t CPS go Get these kids when they get a call about Abuse??? Before it’s too late ???? This is such a sad, heartbreaking Story for the 2 Beautiful Children- who someone failed…. CPS needs new Rules ! CPS has to change their policies, When a child abuse call Comes in- Act on it ! PLEASE for the sake of the kids !!!! Sadder than sad Story – About the 2 kids who died… like they did, and a call was made to CPS… before their deaths. Something has to be done ( Today ) For all the ABUSED KIDS TODAY!

    Ann Bright

    April 19, 2010 at 9:21 pm

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