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Enough is enough! The general public still thinks that mothers don’t lose custody unless they’re nuts or sluts. But this article tells you the truth: the protective mother lost custody because she COULD NOT AFFORD AN ATTORNEY. She was outgunned by a lawyered-up Daddy who could buy what he wanted. Which was basically a 5-year-old girl he could rape, torture, and systematically starve. Everybody happy now?

New details emerge in death of Muncie 5-year-old

During a six-month period last fall and winter, more than a half dozen health care workers treated or observed serious problems with five year-old Lauren McConniel. It wasn’t until about a week before she died on March 9th from severe malnutrition, that her injuries were reported to child protective services.

Gene Cox Fox59

9:06 PM EDT, June 16, 2010

Muncie, Ind. –

During a six month period last fall and winter, more than a half dozen health care workers treated or observed problems with tiny Lauren McConniel.

It wasn’t until about a week before the five year-old Muncie girl died on March 9, 2010 of severe malnutrition that her injuries were reported to child protective services.

Court records show Lauren’s health detiorated once in the care of her father Ryan McConniel and step-mother Britany McConniel.

The Muncie Police Department’s lead detective in the case thinks health care workers would innocently believe what the parents were telling them about the, when added together, unusual injuries.

“I think the health care providers had been duped in some of this,” said Sgt. Jimmy Gibson.

Sgt. Gibson’s investigation uncovered that the first sign of alleged abuse came in November of last year.  It was a strange injury (severe eye trauma) followed weeks later with severe weight loss, bizarre behavior, head, bone, and vaginal injuries.

Ryan and Britany McConniel were arrested this month on felony child neglect charges.  Both remain behind bars in the Delaware County Jail.  Britany McConniel has no bond.

Nothing was reported to Indiana Child Protective Services until March 1, 2010.  Shortly after that Lauren was transferred in grave condition to an Indianapolis hospital.

Muncie police say they have no intention of launching a failure to report investigation targeting health care workers including doctors and nurses who treated Lauren in the months before her death.

Amber Huggins the little girl’s birth mother lost custody of Lauren late last year, FOX 59 has learned, because she could not afford an attorney to defend her custodial rights during divorce proceedings from her ex-husband Ryan McConniel.

According to court documents the 5 year old was in good health and happy at the time Huggins lost custody.

Wednesday afternoon Huggins described her heart after losing her daughter as, “broken.”

Her ex-husband Ryan and his new wife Britney McConniel remain in the Delaware County jail. Britney is being held without bond and bond for Ryan has been set at $30,000 cash.

Our deepest sympathies go to dear mother Amber Huggins, first for the loss of her daughter thanks to family court and next for her death at the hands of her daughter’s abusers.

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  1. How many children have to die due to horrifying child abuse before Senators and all politicians of the United States put an end to COURT ORDERED CHILD ABUSE.
    If Medical Professionals have evidence and are stating a child has been abused by a abusive parent then the child should not be living with the abusive parent.
    What is broken with our family courts who sentence these children to a life of abuse! My heart cries for this family, who’s hands where tied to protect this little girl. This family was forced by the court to allow the abuser to do what ever he wanted to do to this child. This childs cry’s for help was silenced by this court. God help the people involved in this case who looked the other way!

    Elizabeth Fillingim

    June 30, 2010 at 5:00 pm

  2. I lost my 2 year old son to an abuser. The child was born out of wedlock and he has never had substantial child care duties other than every other weekend. My ex missed a couple of visitations due to illness and midunderstanding of the guidelines, therefore this gave him grounds for sole custody according to the judge. Has anyone ever heard of changing custody over first time violations with no prior warnings, oh and alienation because he missed a couple of visits? The judge immediately dismissed my protective order without hearing any testimony and allows my ex to harass me during the child exchanges and said that it is my fault I feel intimidated by him. These man has abused me physically and emotionally and continues to be allowed by an IN judge to continue on abusing me. He is now abusing my son and me by taking him away. Oh, I do get every other weekend. This man didn’t even pay for my prenatal care nor child support for the first 6 months?? What is wrong Indiana judges. The corruption was so thick that even my son’s therapist could smell it. I am appealling the decision, but I’m so mad that it is going to take at least 6 months to get him back, if I ever do. I’m not even working and I have to pay half of his atty fees and 40 a wk child support. And I’m expect to pay the atty fees in 2 months. Oh and they will send me to jail if there is any parental alienation, which was not even addressed in court, that is the term alienation. What is going on. My child is suffering so much and my ex laughs when my son cries for me. My son’s counselor told me in one of the sessions that she thought he was being abused during dads visits. But she didn’t have substitial proof. She did testify that my son had an adjustment disorder and puzzling behavior. Why didn’t this judge take notice.


    June 28, 2011 at 5:32 pm

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